We are often asked “Which Colours Should I get?” ( I mean I know I want them all but lets keep it real here people! I need to eat as well as paint!) – So – “What’s the fewest number of jars to create the widest range of mixes / custom shades?” Answer = 8 is enough!

Choose your base (Layer One) colour preference – Colourise will give you translucent colours, True Colour will give you solid, opaque colours.

The six shades on the swatch chart above are the essentials you need to create any range of custom mixes. Add white & black to complete the tint range.


Adding the ….Additives! Once you are comfortable creating custom shades, you can extend your mixes with Extender Medium or Opaque Medium.

Colourise + EM = Translucent = More fluid, more translucent.

Colourise + OM = Semi-Translucent – more opaque.

True Colour + OM = Super-Opaque.

True Colour + EM = less translucent, more fluid.

When you are comfortable with colour mixing & blending using the Base Additives, try mixing small amounts of your Layer 1 Colours with the white/basic versions of the other SG paint brands to create even more exciting custom colours:

Pearl White – pearlescent frosted shades.

Alchemy Whites (4) will give iridescent duotone shades.

MetaMica Gold, Silver or Copper gives coloured metallic shades.

Any Galactica will give a sparkle to your colour base.

Colourise Ultramarine used to tint all the other 'essential' Layer 2 & 3 products to create your own special shades.

These products are grouped into an ‘Essentials Starter Kit’ for those who want to have the maximum potential from the minimum number of products.

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