Man I hate technology. it usually gets in the way and makes a naughty nuisance of itself. At SG we admit to being somewhat terrified of all this internet techno blogular stuff. You know, just because we still make everything here by hand, it doesn’t mean the rest of our practices have to be back in the previous century….  

Today, I actually felt a manic rush of excitement as I conquered new territory – how to add a blogroll…I didn’t even know it was called that! A big thanks goes to Jean Voss at for being so kind as to answer my plea for help on FB….and pointing me in the right direction. Yes I could have struggled and clicked and read tons of boring help pages, but how much nicer to have a friend help you out!

Now I wonder with anticipation what we can learn from our friends tomorrow…being alive gets so much more exciting when ‘I’m scared’ becomes ‘We did it!’