It’s taken 13 years for us to get into the current century (ironically, only one more than the rest of the planet!!!) however, here we are with a blog-of-sorts-in-it’s infancy.

Now, all you SG users out there – you know you’re gonna have to help us – tell us what to do, how to work it, send us pics of lovely artwork,  advise on the design team projects etc etc – we’re NOT asking you to help us make the lovely liquid stuff, that is OUR job. We are just asking for an ickle lickle bit of help with the new-age freakie technology stuff.

We were totally against blogging for a long time as, to be perfectly honest, we value our privacy, we like peace and quiet, we didn’t want to have to read OR post inane, insane ramblings on endless jam recipes or what someone’s pet cat got up to 64 times this week that was sooooo cute……

Get our drift? Running a small business can sure take it’s toll, and we can be accused of having been a bit Garbo at times. Hiding away. Preserving our energy. Regrouping away from the busy workshops, the shows, exhibitions, etc etc…

Is this a kind of apology? Yes, if you like. We are realising that no-one can really make any kind of art in a total vacuum. Humans are wired for connectivity. Art is an integral part of our human experience, and it comes alive in heartfelt connections.

We want to connect with our fellow creatives, in whatever capacity that means, I expect it will be a changing fluid connection. Ebb & Flow. Please feel welcome to reach out and let’s see how yet another blog may connect more of us likeminded individuals together,

Best Regards

rebecca & grant

(Creators & Manufacturers of Stewart Gill paints).